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Specializing in hardwood, softwood and custom plywood, ProPly works with a variety of veneer species including birch, mahogany, beech, ash, cherry, chestnut, hickory, maple, rosewood, teak and zebrawood.


Commonly used for Red and White Oak, Rift cut can be easily sequenced and matched, by cutting a slight angle to the radial to arrive at a quartered appearance without excessive flake.


Similar to unrolling wrapping paper, this is the most economical method of producing veneer, resulting in the highest yield. This type of veneer is best suited for paint grade or utility surfaces.


Similar to the Plain Slice, this cut requires the largest diameter logs and produces straight grained veneers, often resulting in the appearance of flake.


Similar to Rotary Peeling, used primarily to add width to narrow stocks by increasing the place of the cut. Also used to enhance a particularly wild grain pattern. Matching is possible because the leaves can be kept in sequence. May also be used to achieve “Flat Slice” veneer appearance, primarily in Maple.


The most common method of veneer manufacturing, used mainly in architectural plywood which produces a grain pattern known as cathedral. Ideally suited for wall panels, furniture and store fixtures.

Veneer Cuts

ProPly can book match, slip match, reverse diamond, sunburst or random match as well as herringbone our veneers to take advantage of the utmost quality of the wood grain.

Core Stock:
MDF, Particle Board, Russian Birch, Chinese Poplar, Domestic Poplar, Fuma, Aspen

Cores using combinations of the above, Ultra CoreTM Veneer innerply with MDF cross bands OSB available by itself or with Fuma Cross bands.
Melamine one side / Real Wood Veneer one side.

Marine – Grade – Fire – Rated
Moisture – 
Resistant – NAUF

Matching Available – Slip, Book, Blueprint, Sequenced, Balanced, Centre Balanced and Custom, ie. Diamond – Herringbone etc.

Standard Grading Rules Apply

Panel Sizes from cut to size to 5’-12’

Also Available: Beaded Board, Edge Banded, Components, Wire Brushed